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I have created a list of 31 best SEO tools of 2019 that are highly recommended SEO analysis tools by industry’s leading digital marketers for both beginners and SEO experts.

This list of 31 Best SEO Tools consists of

  • 7 All-in-one SEO Research & Analysis Tools
  • 5 Website Analytics SEO Tools
  • 6 Keywords Research Tools
  • 2 Link Analysis Tools
  • 2 Plagiarism Checker Tools
  • 5 SEO Analysis Tools for Browsers
  • 3 WordPress SEO Plugins

Why to use these SEO analysis tools

SEO Optimization is must if you want your website to rank on SERPs whether it’s an e-commerce site or some blog post or any other site. Without SEO optimization you cannot drive organic traffic to your website. SEO plays a major role in website ranking, without proper SEO optimization your website can never rank in SERPs.

In a similar way, SEO analysis tools are very important for search engine optimization. A large number of SEO tools are available online in both paid and free version and this large number of tools makes it difficult for us to choose the best out of these. To solve this problem I have created this list of 31 best SEO tools of 2019 that are highly recommended SEO tools by the industry experts like Neil Patel.

This list of 31 best SEO tools includes both paid as well as free tools. I have created this list keeping in mind the needs of beginners, small businesses and large enterprises as well.

These tools are really helpful for bloggers, SEO experts, agencies, small businesses and anyone who want to improve their website’s SEO. With proper SEO, you can get your website to Rank #1 on Google or any other search engine that helps you to create brand awareness, drive more traffic and improving public relations. 

In today’s digital world PR and SEO are the two keys for you to create brand awareness, drive traffic or to Rank #1 on search engine results. Learn “How to Properly use PR for maximum SEO Impact”

Let’s get started…

7 All-in-one Best SEO Research & Analysis Tools

1. Ahrefs: SEO Audit Tool ( Highly Recommended )

Image showing official website of Ahrefs SEO tool

Ahrefs is one of the best SEO tools available online.  This SEO analysis tool is highly recommended by SEO experts like Neil Patel, Brian Dean these experts use ahrefs daily to improve their website performance. Ahrefs are the second largest crawlers just after google.

You can do a detailed website analysis of your website with Ahrefs.

It is one of the most comprehensive SEO audit tool.  Ahrefs highlights which parts of your site need improvements to ensure a higher ranking and more traffic. It is the first choice of the experts when it comes to competitors and backlink analysis.

Key Features

  • SEO Audit
  • Backlink Analysis
  • Rank Checker
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Keyword Checker
  • Web Monitoring
  • Content Research

Ahrefs is available in paid version only. But they also provide a 7-day free trial for the new users thereafter you can decide whether to pay for the tool or not.

Start a 7-day trial for $7.

2. SEMRush

Image Showing Home Page of

SEMRush is the second most popular tool for SEO audit and backlink analysis. It comes with tools like SERP rank tracking,  social media monitoring, website analysis, backlink analysis, SEO audits and much more.

SEMRush is known for its simple UI with amazing performance. This SEO analysis tool is PPC centric, it can help you in getting excellent results out of your PPC campaigns.

SEMRush provides you with a lot of suggestions to improve your website performance with its website analysis tool that tells you how to rank your website in search engine results pages or SERPs.

You can also do a competitor analysis to get a higher rank than your competitor. SEMRush is an SEO analysis tool that helps in improving your website ranking as it gives you suggestions or ideas that can help you in creating better content than your competitor’s.

Key Features

  • Site Audit
  • Backlink Analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Rank Tracking
  • Topic Research

It is an all-in-one SEO analysis tool that is available in the paid version.  You can check out their pricing here. They also provide some of their features for free and all the features for the first few queries. Thereafter, you can decide whether to invest in SEMRush or not.

All of the tools they provide makes SEMrush one of the best SEO tools.

Start your free trial today

3. Ubbersuggest – Neil Patel

Image showing Home Page of Ubbersuggest SEO tool by Neil Patel

Ubbersuggest is one of the best free SEO audit and backlink analysis tool by Neil Patel (a leading digital marketer).

You can use this tool to optimize your website for search engines. This tool helps you to analyze your competitor’s website to know the keywords they are ranking for. It can show you the top pages of their website.

Recently, Neil Patel has introduced the backlink analysis feature in Ubbersuggest. Other features include keyword research, content ideas, SEO audit tool.

Really easy to use tool with beautiful UI. This is one of the best free SEO tool available for beginners in the market.

Key Features

  • Website Analysis
  • SEO Audit
  • Keyword Ideas
  • Content Ideas
  • Backlink Checker

Analyze your website with Ubbersuggest here and tell me whether you like this free tool by Neil Patel or not.

4. SpyFu

Image showing Homepage of Spyfu All-in-one SEO tool

SpyFu is a free website analysis tool. You can do a thorough analysis of your website. Spyfu provides really good features in their free version.

You can also do a detailed analysis of your competitor. It also provides you with suggestions to improve your content to make it better than your competitor.

You can use the tool for an SEO audit of your website. This tool helps you in SEO analysis of your website. It is a free SEO analysis tool available online.

Spyfu is one of most detailed website analysis tool available for beginners.

Key Features

  • SEO Research
  • Keyword Research
  • Backlinks Checker
  • Rank Tracker
  • SERP Checker
  • PPC Research
  • Website analysis
  • Competitor’s Research

Spyfu is available in both free and the paid version. Check their pricing here. Although, the free version comes up with really good and handy tools. Spyfu is the best SEO tool among all the other free SEO tools.

Sign Up Here

5. Moz Pro

Image Showing Moz Pro Homepage

Moz Pro is a paid SEO tool. It contains tools for link analysis, keyword research, Rank Tracking.

Moz Pro provides a free version of Moz bar. Moz bar is the best SEO chrome extension available in the market. It shows you the PA/DA of the google search results or the page you’re on.

Key Features

  • Link Analysis
  • On-Page Optimization
  • Keyword Research
  • Moz Bar
  • SERP Analysis

Start your free trial today

6. SERP Stat

Image of SERPStat Homepage

It is one of the most comprehensive tools available for search engine optimization in the market. They show the details of the top 100 domain ranking for a keyword.

SERP Stat is a free all-in-one SEO tool that provides all of its features for free. One of the best growth hacking tool for content marketing. This tool gives you the choice of whether to get results from Google or from the Yandex search engine.

SERP stat is one of the best free SEO tools for conducting a site audit and for doing SEO analysis to improve your website ranking in organic search results.

Key Features

  • Keyword Research
  • Search Analytics
  • Market Intelligence
  • Advertising Analysis
  • Rank Tracking
  • Reports and Infographics

Sign Up for free here

7. Seobility

Homepage image of Seobility all in one seo tool

SEObility is an all-in-one SEO tool. This tool will tell you how your website’s SEO is performing in SERPs.

This tool checks your website for probable errors and helps you in optimizing the content for search engine results. It is a very powerful tool that can help in improving your website ranking.

You can use this tool for SEO analysis of your website.

Key Features

  • On-Site Audit
  • Rank Tracking
  • Backlink Checker

Seobility is available in both free and the paid version. 

Check Plans & Pricing – Seobility

 Sign up for free here

6 Best SEO Tools For Keywords Research

8. LSI Graph

Image Showing LSI Graph Homepage

One of the most effective keywords research tool to find out LSI keywords related to your topic & niche. LSI Graph is a recommended tool to find out LSI keywords for your topic.

LSI Graph is an advanced tool to optimize your content. It can take your on-page SEO to the next level.

LSI keywords are very important for your website SEO optimization because these keywords are related to your content, different from your focus keyword but are closely related to your focus keyword.

LSI Graph is available in the paid version but it also provides 50 free queries a day.

 Sign up here.

9. Answer the public

Answer the public is the best free SEO keyword research tool. The tool is simply awesome. Yeah, you heard that right, it’s awesome. Answer the public uses a very different kind of approach for keyword research.

This SEO keyword research tool instead of providing you the direct keyword ideas finds out different kind of questions that users ask on popular forums, blogs, and social media platforms.

Answer the public tells you the problems that people face or are searching for a solution to some problem on the internet and gives you an opportunity to provide a solution to their problem by writing an article on your blog. Answer the public tells you the most popular questions for which the public wants an answer. You can use these questions as your SEO keywords

You just have to enter the keyword related to your niche and it will provide you the keywords, questions, prepositions, comparisons, alphabetical and much more is there. All this makes answer the public one of the best SEO tools for keyword research.

One thing I don’t like about Answer the public is there UI. The way they present the results is not much effective. But you can export the results, that may rectify this. Apart from UI, Answer the public is highly recommended by the community.

Sign up on Answer the Public here

10. KWfinder – Keyword Research

Image showing homepage of KWfinder keyword research tool

One of the most popular keyword research tool that can generate 500+ keyword ideas for your blogs at a time. You can use this tool to generate effective long-tail keywords.

Key Features

  • Long-Tail Keywords
  • Search Volume
  • PPC Competition
  • CPC or Cost Per Click
  • Keyword Difficulty

Again a paid SEO keyword research tool but very effective one to invest on for keyword research. Kwfinder is considered as one of the best keyword research tools among all the other keywords research tools.

Start 10-day free trial

11. Keys4Up

Keys4Up is a keywords research tool that can help you to generate a list of untapped keywords ideas. This tool can be used to research for semantic keywords or other related keywords.

This tool uses a proprietary algorithm to generate keywords ideas. You can export keywords result in a CSV file. This keyword research tool is one of the best SEO tools that you can use to find related keywords for your focus keywords and thus improve your website ranking.

One downside of this tool is that it does not tell you about the number of search for the list of keywords it gives you. But fortunately, you can export the data to a CSV file and take help of another keyword research tool to find the search results and other keyword analytics.

Keys4Up – Official Website

12. Seed Keywords

Seed keyword is one of the best SEO keywords research tools for doing seed keyword research. This tool helps you find seed keywords for your niche. You can create campaigns regarding the search query and distribute the link to the audience and they will enter their query that they might search on Google or other search engines and this tool will collect all such keywords for you.

All the keywords you collect through these campaigns will be unique and chances are really high for your article to rank on such seed keywords.

Create your list of Seed Keywords here 

13. Can I Rank

This tool gives you the answer to your question that always arises in your head that is “Can I Rank?”.

Unlike other tools this tool SEO will not tell you – ‘The keyword is highly competitive’ or ‘This keyword has a low competition’ rather it will tell you whether you can rank or not for a particular keyword and gives you the reasons for the same.

This tool is highly recommended for small business organizations and is really powerful.

It will give you suggestions that can help you to improve your website ranking on Google or other search engines.

Key Features

  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Link Building
  • Rank Checker

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6 Best SEO Tools For Website Analytics

14. Google Analytics (Must Have Tool)

This is a free website analytics tool by Google. A must-have SEO tool for any marketer. This tool provides a lot of accurate data, monitors your website, shows your website ranking, helps in preparing SEO reports and much more is there in the tool.

A highly recommended or a must-have tool for any digital marketer or blogger for your website SEO optimization. If you are not using google analytics than start using it right now because you can not improve your website’s performance without this website analytics data from Google.

Google Analytics provides you the details regarding your audience, real-time traffic on your site, speed insights, site behavior, user behavior, demographics, CTR, impressions and much more.

This tool provides you website analytics free for your website.

Key Features

  • Campaign Tracking
  • Traffic Analyzer
  • Report Analysis
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Bounce Rate
  • Average CTR
  • Website Analysis

Google Analytics is used by almost all of the bloggers, digital marketers for all of their website’s analytics.

Connect your site with Google Analytics here.

15. Google Search Console – GSC

Image Showing homepage of google search console

Formerly known as Webmasters tool.

This tool helps you to analyze the queries for which your page ranks in the search engine. This tool is really helpful in optimizing your website.

It helps you to monitor and manage your website. This tool provides data directly from GOOGLE which is 100% accurate and efficient.

GSC can be integrated into Google Analytics Tool that makes it more powerful to get your website analytics.

You can submit your website’s sitemap with the help of Google Search Console. This tool helps you to track your website performance. This tool also shows the average position of your pages whenever they appear in search engine results.

Connect your site with Google Search Console here

16. Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is a social media analytics tool. It helps you to find out the best performing content related to your niche on social media. This tool is super helpful to analyze the content popularity on social media platforms.

Key Features

  • Social Media Popularity Reports
  • Content Insights
  • Alerts
  • Question Analyzer
  • Influencer Information
  • Competitor Analysis

This social media tool works best with their paid version but they also provide a limited free plan in which they provide their users with the basic content and influencer search capabilities.

Signup here for free trial

17. Google Trends

Again a tool by Google. Google Trends is not exactly an SEO tool but is really helpful in content research. This tool shows you the hot trending topics worldwide or in a specific country or region.

You can find out the trending topics worldwide that you might write upon.

You just have to enter the keyword and select the region from where you want to target the audience and boom, within seconds you got the answer whether to write an article or not on that topic.

One cool thing about Google Trends is that it will show you other popular topics related to your search that you might write upon.

Check out the trends here

18. Google Mobile Test

Image of homepage of google mobile test SEO tool

Google Mobile Test is not an SEO tool, then why this tool is in the list of 31 best SEO tools and the answer is because this tool tells you whether your website is mobile-friendly or not. Mobile-friendliness is one of the major website ranking factors in the search algorithm officially announced by Google itself.

Mobile responsive websites are supposed to drive more traffic than a non-responsive website. Every website must be mobile-friendly because the majority of the people’s are spending a large part of their time on mobile phones.

Google mobile test tool helps you to know whether your site is mobile-friendly or not.

Is your site mobile-friendly – Check here

19. Panguin SEO Tool – Barracuda

Image of homepage of Panguin SEO tool

This tool helps you to find out which Google algorithm update impacts your website ranking.

Basically, this is a website penalty checker tool.

All you have to do is give access to your analytics to the tool and it will show you the results.

Check your website’s analytics here

5 Best SEO Tools For Browsers

20. SEOQuake

homepage image of seoquake seo tool

SEOQuake is a browser extension available for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. This browser extension acts as an SEO checker tool that can be used for keyword analysis.

This SEO analysis tool provides you the organic research data and is similar to MozBar but shows a lot more data than MozBar.

This SEO analysis tool includes SEO tools like Keyword Density Report, Link Analysis, SEO audit tools and many more features are there.

SEOQuake gives you quick and easy access to the website’s analytics data for free. This tool can save hours of time as it provides in-depth SERPs data on clicking a single button in your browser’s extension bar.

This SEO analysis tool tells you the metrics related to the domain and landing pages including Alexa Rank, Google Index, SEMRush Ranking, Facebook likes and much more.

The amazing thing about SEOquake is that you can connect your free SemRush account with this chrome extension to get most out of it.

Download for chrome

Download for firefox

21. Keywords Everywhere

Homepage image of keywords everywhere SEo tool for keywords research

Keywords everywhere is a free SEO keyword research tool available as a browser extension. This keyword research tool shows you the keywords on the search page in the browser.

It shows you analytical data like monthly search volume, cost per click, Adwords Competition for other related keywords.

It gives you an option to download the list of keywords in Excel, CSV or pdf format. Keywords Everywhere is available for Google Chrome and its completely free.

Keywords Everywhere is the most popular keywords research tool for browsers and is considered to be the best free SEO tool for keyword research. Experts too, use this browser extension daily.

Install Keywords Everywhere – Chrome

Install for Firefox

22. Woorank

Image showing homepage of woorank seo hrome extension

Woorank is a very handy Chrome extension. It gives you important SEO information within your browser. Woorank can do an instant SEO analysis of your website and review it for SEO, mobile, and social media.

Woorank is a free SEO checker tool that gives your site an overall SEO score out of 100. This tool will help you to optimize, promote and monitor your website performance.

You can also analyze your competitor’s website with this tool.  It gives you suggestions on how to improve your site’s both on-page and off-page SEO.

This tool gives you a checklist of issues that you have to fix to improve your site’s performance.

Key Features

  • Competitive Analysis
  • Marketing Checklist
  • In-depth Reviews
  • SEO Score Checker

Woorank is one of the best SEO tools available for your browser.

Install Woorank on chrome.

Install Woorank on firefox

23. FatRank

FatRank is a free chrome extension that will help you to check and track the rank of your keywords across multiple sites. It is a rank checker tool that shows you the rank of any website in google for a particular keyword in the organic search results.

Download for Chrome

24. Wordtracker Scout

Wordtracker Scout is a chrome extension. This tool can help you steal your competitor’s keywords. Instead of providing a list of keywords it will tell you the most used keyword on your competitor’s blog post.

It is a free SEO keyword research tool available for your browser.

Install Wordtracker Scout free for Chrome

2 Best SEO Tools For Plagiarism Checking

25. Siteliner

This SEO analysis tool will help you to find out any duplicate content on your site. This SEO site checker tool analyze your website to generate a comprehensive report that is classified into three parts – Common Content, Unique Content, and Duplicate Content on your website.

This site analysis tool can also compare your website’s average page load time, the number of words per page, internal and external links with your competitor’s website to know how your competitor is better than you so that you can improve your website ranking.

The free version of Siteliner allows you to analyze 250 pages per month.

Find duplicate content –  Siteliner

26. CopyScape

Copyscape is an online plagiarism checker tool. It is one of the most popular SEO tool available in the market to check any kind of duplicate content. Google often penalize any site for duplicate content.

Copyscape can help your site from being penalized as you can check for any duplicate content on your site. Your content should be unique if you want your website ranking in top search engine results.

Plagiarism affects your website ranking to a great extent. In order to avoid plagiarism on your site, you must use these plagiarism checker tools like CopyScape and Siteliner.

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3 Best SEO Tools For WordPress

27. YoastSEO

Image For YoastSEO tool for wordpress

One of the most popular SEO plugin available for WordPress. Yoast is really helpful for your site’s on-page SEO.

This SEO analysis tool gives you suggestions to improve keyword stuffing, helps you in writing content. It helps you in creating featured snippets for your posts.

Yoast automatically generates an XML sitemap for your website that plays a vital role in the SEO of your site. Yoast helps in improving your website ranking by paying attention to your site’s on-page SEO.

Key Features

  • XML Sitemap
  • Canonical URLs Support
  • Featured Snippets
  • Beginner Friendly
  • Keyword Stuffing

Yoast is one of the best SEO tools available in both free and paid versions.

Download Yoast SEO for free

28. All-in-one SEO

Image showing All-in-one seo tool for wordpress

All-in-one SEO is a free WordPress plugin. It is the second most popular SEO tool after Yoast SEO.

This SEO analysis tool offers all of its features for free. You can use this SEO tool to improve your website ranking. This tool generates automatic meta descriptions or you can manually modify these.

Key Features

  • XML Sitemap
  • Canonical URLs Support
  • Free Woocommerce Integration
  • Automatic or manual Snippets

Download All-in-one SEO plugin

29. Jetpack

Image for jetpack SEO plugin for wordpress

Jetpack is another most popular WordPress plugin that helps in improving your website ranking. This tool helps you to optimize your website for search engines.

Jetpack provides security to your website, increase your website speed, compress images and minify HTML, CSS, JavaScript code.

Speed or average load time plays a vital role in ranking a website in SERPs. Pages that load faster are always preferred by users. Jetpack helps in improving your website speed and thus helps in SEO of your site.

Key Features

  • Image Lazy Load
  • Brute Force Attack Protection
  • Backups
  • Minify Codes
  • Malware Scanning

Download Jetpack for WordPress

2 Best SEO Tools For Link Analysis

30. Majestic

Image showing SEO tool for link analysis

Majestic is one of the best link analysis tools in the market. As per the experts, this tool has countless features that are really helpful in SEO.

You can also check your website’s SEO score. In seconds, it will give you a general overview of your website and the number of backlinks you have. You can also do keyword research, site comparison and track your website ranking.

Key Features

  • Majestic Million
  • Clique Hunter
  • Search Explorer
  • Keyword Checker
  • Backlink History
  • Rank Tracker

All these amazing features puts majestic is in the list of 31 best SEO tools.

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31. Screaming Frog

Image showing Screaming Frog SEO analysis tool for technical seo

Screaming Frog is a website crawler, that crawls your website URLs and finds the errors in your site that can create hurdles in your website ranking. This tool is helpful for technical SEO of your site. Screaming Frog analyze your log files that makes it different from all other technical SEO tools.

You can do a thorough technical SEO analysis of your website. It will generate a report of potential errors in your site like javascript errors, HTTP errors, bloated HTML, sitemap error, crawling errors or any technical error in your site.

Technical SEO plays a vital role in improving our website ranking in SERPs but most of the time we forgot to pay attention to our website’s technical SEO.

Screaming Frog is one of the best SEO analysis tools for improving your website’s technical SEO.

Download Screaming Frog 


Now, after reading this list of 31 best seo tools you are ready to choose the best SEO tools that suits your requirements to boost your website ranking and organic traffic out of Google.

Your website can never rank in SERPs without proper SEO optimization of your website and you cannot optimize your site for search engines without using these SEO analysis tools. You do not have to use all of them, but choose a set of SEO analysis tools out of these 31 best SEO tools that you find best out of the best.

Let me know in the comment section,  the set of SEO analysis tools you decided to use out of this list of 31 best SEO tools.